What Happens In Vegas

Well Dave, you’ve got yourself in some fuck up messes before, but this has got to be the topper of them all. I was in Vegas for a tech convention when I met her. We hit it off, the champagne was flowing, we were both pretty wasted and as they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we ended up in her hotel room. Let me tell you this is one kinky chick. Hell she even talked me into letting her tie me to the bed. Then she climbed on and had her way with me. After we finished, she leaned over and asked if I wanted to try something really kinky. At this point I would have agreed to just about anything. She reached in a drawer and came out with a small electronic device. She push a button and there was a flash of light. When I could see the first thing I noticed was I setting up looking down at, well, me. The second thing was I was now the chick and her body was even drunker than mine had been. Between the alcohol and the shear eroticism of the situation, I just climbed on my on body had had my way with it. That was a very weird and pleasurable experience. When I climbed off, I noticed the champagne was getting warm. I decided to go get more ice and this is where I screwed up. Remember I said this chicks body was pretty wasted. Well, I just staggered out of the room looking for ice forgetting to take the room key. Now I can’t remember which room it is. I can’t ask the desk because I can’t even remember what her or rather my name is. So here I am stuck in a drunk chicks body, locked out of my room and lost in a hotel in Vegas. On well, at least I remembered to bring the champagne.


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