Value his education

Jessie adjusted his top and checked his makeup and hair one last time. It was just a girls night but he still wanted to look good, just in case.
He was so glad that Christine talked him into buying this dress, he really did look hot in it. It was hard to believe just how much Jessie had changed in just two semesters at college.
A year ago, Jessie was a stereotypical rich high school senior. Well at least, his parents are rich, and very particular about Jessie’s education. They demanded that Jessie attend whatever the best school in the country was. Unfortunately for Jessie, that just happened to be an all girls school. Even more unfortunate, his father was not willing to compromise.
After calling in a few favors, Jessie’s father was able to acquire several doses of hyper concentrated female hormone injections. Enough to, according to his friend, make Rocky look like Miss America.
Jessie received his first injection in his sleep, and woke up a brand new woman. The hormones worked fast, even after a few hours, his skin was softened and his breasts were already growing. Faced with no alternative, Jessie enrolled in the girls college.
The year passed quickly and Jessie gradually shifted into his new role. Gone were the days of playing football and picking up chicks at school. Now he spent his time on the sidelines cheering for the team and being hit on by creeps on campus.


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