Using only your own stuff

After have done a set of laps in the public swimming pool I felt like I needed a good long shower, especially so I could get rid of the chlorine smell.
I turned on the shower in the mens area, increased the heat and entered the warm stream, feeling more relaxed. Then it dawned on me, I had not brought any shampoo with me. Crap!
Looked around to see what was offered. Nothing from the facility, kinda cheap of them considering the price I had to pay to swim.
There, a bottle stood in the corner a all by itself. Yoink!

Let´s see now. Smells like apricots. What does the text say?
“Circe. Bringing out the beutiful woman inside of you”.
Hmpf. Corny.

Without options I pop the bottle open begin to lather myself up.
It felt good. Really good.

All the areas that I had lathered up slowly began to change.
I was oblivious to the alterations my body was put through. For many others it would have obvious that something was amiss when your body suddenly grow breasts, a big butt, get shorter and get a tout waist. However, something in my mind made me take it in a stride and accept these changes.
It didn´t take long before I was a total babe, in body and mind.

Voices was heard down the hall, that must be the swimming team hitting the showers Oh, yummy!


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