Unexpected Transformation

Dave coughed up a lung-full of smoke and put down the bong. Whatever he had bought it was much stronger than he was used to, he thought, as a familiar buzz scattered his focus. He had walked into his room ready to go to sleep when he had a strange urge to take off all his clothes. He fell back onto his bed completely naked, and closed his eyes. From his foggy thoughts sprang the image of a naked woman, with soft white skin, dirty blonde hair, and perky round breasts. Well, he thought, masturbating high is always fun. With his eyes still closed he started stroking his erection, as he imagined himself moving toward the woman, beginning to caress her chest. Wow, this feels so good, and so real, he thought as his arousal climbed. Suddenly he began to feel a tingling sensation in his chest, a swelling followed by inexplicable pleasure – he opened his eyes and looked down. What the fuck? He had a beautiful pair of breast resting gracefully atop on his chest and his hand left hand was already in the midst of a enthusiastic exploration of their bouncing flesh and hard nipples. I don’t think I was smoking was I thought I was smoking, he said aloud chuckling at this bizarre experience. Something in his unfocused train of thought compelled him to go on. He continued to stroke his cock, at the same time massaging what he assumed was an erotic hallucination hanging from his once hairy chest. He couldn’t explain how, but he felt his shoulders narrow and his arms slim. Looking down he saw the hair retract from his legs and reshape into the long slender sexiness of the woman in his thoughts. He began masturbating faster as he saw his stomach narrow and hips widen, a newly blossoming ass lifted him from the bed. A distinctly feminine moan began to replace his manly breathes as dirty blond hair appeared on the edges of his vision. He closed his eyes again as the pleasure was building, now feeling the nearly complete form of the woman from her point of view. His grip on his shrinking cock was slowly guided by some unseen force into the rapidly opening slit of a moist vagina. His fingers eagerly massaged the same symbol of womanhood that he had just seen on the woman before him, sliding in and out. He screamed as he came, a deep bliss that had been expanding in his abdomen that now exploded throughout every corner of his body.

Wow, he thought as he rolled onto his side off his shapely ass, panting heavily, what a trip. Whatever it was that he bought, he definitely had to get more of it. He looked down at his breasts one more time, with a soft caress and a content feminine sigh, he fell asleep, thinking that tomorrow he would be back in his old body….


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