It had only been a day since my mom and I had been cursed to swap bodies. We were arguing in public when a witch had over heard us. Unhappy with the way we spoke to each other, the witch claimed she could help us understand each other’s perception. That’s when she chanted something in Latin and I lost my vision for a brief second. When I could see again something was wrong, I wasn’t standing in the same spot I was before. I looked over at my mom but instead I saw my own body, who wore a shocked reaction. That’s when I opened my mouth and let an airy gasp escape.

“See me when you understand.” The witch said before disappearing down an alley. Immediately we tried to chase after her, but she was gone. I was scared and felt sick as my breasts bounced as we went back to the car to go home. When we got back home and in the house, I was starting to freak out when my mom, in my body, calmed me down.

“It’s okay sweety, we’ll get through this.” She said, rubbing my back. I was on the verge of tears, so I hugged my mom, but in doing so I squeezed her head to my now gracious bosom, and that seemed to calm me down.

Over the next day I tried to get used to walking in my body, but my wide hips and big ass made me walk completely differently, and every step I could feel my thighs rub together, reminding me of what WASN’T between my legs anymore. I took the bra my mom was wearing off but soon found the constant bouncing and swaying too much to bare so I begrudgingly put on another bra. I went into my mom’s bra drawer and found it took me a few moments to find one I like. After strapping it on I realized how strange it was that I was wearing a bra that I *liked*

That night we ordered pizza and avoided speaking because of our new voices. I was thankful because my father wouldn’t be home for a week as he was away on business. That meant I wouldn’t need to tell him and deal with the embarrassment of another man, my father no less, knowing that I was now a middle aged woman, his lover no less.

The next day I woke up hoping that everything was just an awful dream. I moved my hand to my crotch hoping to find my familiar morning wood, but when all I found was a tuft of hair leading to the folds of skin on my vagina, I let out a tiny feminine gasp. It was real, and I was still my mom. I got out of bed, put my hair up, put some makeup on and chose a cute outfit out of my mom’s wardrobe to start the morning. It didn’t occur to me that yesterday I had no idea how to do any of this stuff and now somehow I did. I minced around the kitchen walking more and more like my mom by the step and made bacon for my mother who was still asleep. After a cup of coffee, my mom’s favorite, not mine. I realized I had to take a shower. I didn’t want to have to feel my moms wet naked body but it seemed right.

I went into the bathroom and disrobed fully, feeling the cold air making my nipples big and hard. I leaned into the shower to adjust the nobs when I heard the door open. It was my mom! Instinctively I stood straight and covered myself, one arm stretching across my rack and grasping one breast, the other shot straight to my flat crotch. We were both shocked.

“Son! Shut the door!” I said without realizing what i was saying.
“oh my god, sorry mom!” She said back, quickly shutting the door. I stood there still shocked and embarrassed that my mom saw me naked, even though it was her body and…wait… did I just call her son? Did she just call me mom? I looked in the bathroom mirror at my reflection and saw my mom’s face staring back at me, scared. The witches spell was making us more and more like each other, and I had no idea when it would stop.


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