Under the rain

When the first drop of rain fell on Julian, he didn’t the changes begin. He was in the middle of his daily running. He have taken good resolutions with his weight problem. His friend Tom had help him with some training product to help buff him up quicker. He promised him, after his run and good shower, he won’t be the same. Julian already imagining himself with a stud body, picking up girls like nothing. But Tom has other plans for him. Instead of giving him the “insta-training” potion, that was “insta-sexy girl” he dropped in his bottle. And when Julian will return home and tak his shower, he will become a hot chick and it will be the perfect timing to cast a mind change spell. He only have the first ten minutes after his transformation to perform the spell, after that it will be too late.He wondered what kind of girl Julian will become. He hoped for a hot blonde but he knew any result will pleased him with this potion.
But Tom haven’t thinking of something, the sudden raining happening during Julian’s run. He won’t make it in time to find a shelter before he was all wet under the rain. The potion activate and the water washed all manliness from the poor Julian. In matter of seconds all that remain of him was a hot asian beauty. When he, now she, felt the weight on his chest, he realised he was tricked by Tom. She began to walk home but the rain haven’t stop and the feeling of his wet clothes against his new huge tits and vagina made her aroused. She found some cover and wait until the rain stopped. It was difficult for her to resist touching herself during her wait, but she was scared someone can saw her. After the last drop fell, she ran home. Her breasts bouncing on her chest was troubling, and she thought she really need a training bra. Tom’s jaw dropped when he saw Julian, but his planned was to have an obidient sexy girlfriend, not a beauty who was as angry as she was sexy. Sadly for Julian, the spell was permanent and Tom cannot do anything to change that. It seems her fate was to live as Ju-li now. The spell have made her a straigh sexy asian girl, but always all Tom’s attempt to seduce her. He clearly have fallen in love of Ju-li but, as a punishment for what he have done to her, took pleasure at teasing him everyday without giving him anything. As a straingh girl, Ju-li finally started dating boys, what made Tom especially miserable. But Ju-li knew he wont be sad longer. Not after his shower after having drink his glass of water with “insta-sexy girl” in it. She cannot wait to see him transformed and change his mind into a mindless bimbo to go double date with her boyfriend and his friend. Payback was good.


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