Two spells later

“Don´t look so suprised. You should have figured it out yourself what would happen when I asked for your permission to improve you”, Steve grinned from ear to ear after having transformed James into a hot babe.

“But…but…but…”, James stammered.

“But you thought you would stay male? Nah, the spell will do exactly as the caster wants it to do, unless the recipient states otherwise. So in this case you should have said something along the line of: “I want you to improve my male physique”, instead of just saying yes to my question and giving me full control of the spell.

James gave Steve a panicked look and began hyperventilating.

“Whoa there dude! I didn´t want you to freak out like that. Listen, I´m sorry. I can fix this. Do you want me to make you feel normal again?”

Betwen his frantic inahales and exhales James nodded vigorously.

“Excellent”, Steve mused.

He recited the spell and let it loose on James.
Immediately his breathing became much calmer and his posture more relaxed.

“Thanks Steve, I feel much better already”, she purred.


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