Training regime

At the end of the season when our water polo team finished last, the coach decided our team needed some extra strength in the back line. He told me and my two best team mates, Billy and Smasher to put on some extra kilograms. We were told eat everything and anything you want during the off season, and as long as you take the special pills we were given, it would all turn into pure muscle.

At the end of winter we were perfect male specimens, ready to hit the pool for a tough season.
Unfortunately, what the coach didn’t know is as soon as you came into contact with chlorinated water the mega testosterone effect was reversed to hyper oestrogen, so the muscle melted away and began to turn to fat in spots particularly around the chest and bottom.

Here is the photo of me in the middle, Billy on my right and Smasher on my left, in the pool when we had our last training session before the first game. The forward line were told to stay in the change rooms, because they had been on double dose!


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