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A ranch undressing

I heard a call from the bedroom as I stood nervously in the ensuite.
“Get in here now Red before my balls bust!”
I thought of the 6ft 2in tall cowboy who was there lying on the bed with pants around his ankles, and his 9 inch dick standing to attention waiting just for me.
I was starting to get all moist between my legs just thinking about him. Read more

Boyfriend stealer

Too much cleavage?
No, Okay.
Heels too high?
No, okay.
Skirt too short?
No, okay.
Lipstick too bright?
No, okay.
Matching Chanel bag…..check
One last look in the mirror….this disguise has to be absolutely perfect.
If my daughter finds out her Dad is hanging with the same high class crowd she is with, I’ll be dead meat, but I’ve got to find out whether that boyfriend of hers is up to something illegal.
I hope she won’t mind that I might have to fuck him first.

Road to femininity

My journey to femininity has been extraordinarily long and tough work.
Depression, hormones, surgery, loss of family and friends to name a few.
I’ve had to relearn how to walk, how to talk, and re establish my new female life.
But, bugger me….one thing I can’t master is how to get this lingerie on and off!


When my wife and I arrived at the outback motel, a woman with ample cleavage checked us in, then another identical looking one took our bags to our room.
The weather was so hot and I had worked up a serious thirst, so we decided to go to the bar and order drinks. When our drinks arrived, the barmaid’s breasts almost fell out of the top of her dress when she bent over to serve our drinks.
It seemed strange that there didn’t seem to be any men at all in this town, my wife commented. Read more


The latch on the door to our dressing room clicked open and I slowly turned my head to see my wife standing in the doorway.
The groceries she was carrying immediately fell to the floor and her jaw dropped open.
“Oh my god, is that you Martin?” she gasped.
“Oh, hi sweetheart I didn’t expect you home so soon, could you help me find a bra and nickers that fit, I’ve got these curves everywhere!”
“But..but what happened?” she squealed. Read more

Easter eggs ibition

“Don’t eat anymore chocolate!” I called out, as I reached up to feel my new long ears.
“Why, what is it Dad?”, my teenage son replied choking on an egg as he caught sight of my shapely new form.
“It may be just a hunch, but these juicy breasts, luscious lips and plump ass could be because
the Easter eggs have been contaminated with something”.
“And besides, all I want to do now is fuck like a rabbit, so call your buddies and tell them to get around here……quick….and don’t tell your mother!”
“We’re going to have some fun….giggle”


“Honey get back here!”she yelled.
I was putting on my old male business shirt to go to work when my wife caught sight of my new body.
She grabbed me, slipped the shirt off my shoulders and pulled me down onto the bed while still half naked herself wearing just a singlet.
“Sweetheart, I think you better call in sick today, because that TG virus looks to have hit you pretty hard,” she said.
As my breast fell onto hers and our lips locked I thought, I’m never going back to work!

Training regime

At the end of the season when our water polo team finished last, the coach decided our team needed some extra strength in the back line. He told me and my two best team mates, Billy and Smasher to put on some extra kilograms. We were told eat everything and anything you want during the off season, and as long as you take the special pills we were given, it would all turn into pure muscle. Read more