To little, to late

I watched the cop cars surround the mansion. I sighed to myself.
Only fifteen minutes sooner they would have caught my captor alive, but he took his pistol and locked himself in his bedroom. There was one gun shot and a thud, than silence.
I waited patiently, still dressed in the clothes my captor made me wear.
The cops busted down the door and ran upstairs. One of them walked up to me and greeted me by my old name. I was shocked.
They knew everything.
I fell into his arms and cried my eyes out. I was finally saved.
Of course the doctors would soon explain to me that the multiple surgeries and hormone injections would be close to impossible to undo. They told me that my quality of life would be severely diminished if I wanted to be a man again.
I decided that being free was reward enough that it mattered little if I would be a free woman instead of a free man.


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