Time Transport

Fascinated with time travel, Henry found a way to send himself through time. He would have send his consciousness only however. He sent himself back to the nineties, but was stunned when “he” arrived! Apparently the place he was in where he used the machine, belonged to a busty porn star in the nineties, so his consciousness went into the closest body in that location at that time! As he looked down at his massive rack, flat crotch, and black stocking shapely legs, he, no SHE realized she didn’t think things through when sending herself back! Another thing that entered her mind, how would she get back with no machine in the past to send her back? The woman’s consciousness was possibly sent to the future in his body, but she probably would be shocked like him, and probably wouldn’t even know what the machine did, let alone how to use it. She knew she was stuck now, years in the past, and as a busty woman. Once she found out just how good the men in her videos made her feel, she wasn’t so upset anymore, and later embraced her porn star life.


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