Three Guys Three Wishes

The three friends Harry, Jerry, and Terry found a lamp at the beach, and when they got it home, Harry accidentally rubbed it, and out came a genie much to their surprise!

“I will grant each of you one wish, as you all three found the lamp,” said the genie.

Harry wished for a huge cock, Terry wished for a big libido, and Jerry wished for a sexy brunette slut with a tremendous desire for cocks. The genie liked to play around with guys that wished for sluts by turning them into what they wanted, as this was easier than bringing a person out of thin air.

“What the HECK,” Jessica screamed as he, no SHE suddenly found herself holding her buddies cocks with their cum on him, with two weights on his chest and a new wet set of pussy lips!

The genie laughed and vanished along with the lamp and Jerry’s manhood.


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