This Turned Out Great!!!

My sister needed a favor, a big one! She scheduled 2 dates on the same night at the same time with different guys. She was running around screaming “What am I gonna Do???” When I get the opportunity to morph into a twin of her , I jump at the chance. (I don’t tell her that). I said” Hey Sis…Need some help?” She exclaimed “Oh Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!! Please, Please !!! I’ll do anything!!! “Ok…” “I’ll be right back…” I went into the bathroom and started my morphing. In about 10 minutes I was done and checking myself out in the mirror. “This turned out great!!!” as I walked back into the room where sis was. She said “Wow, you look just like me!” “That’s the point” I said in her voice. Now let’s get dressed for our dates…


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