The underground swappping ring

“Here they are our latest supply” said a hefty man. Martin just stared at the three bound college girls whimpering and crying. The same three girls who were reported missing last Friday night. Martin got excited and pointed towards the one in pink. “Her tell me about her” “Becca Sanders, 19 years old, 5’5 126 pounds. Her facebooks states she is very popular and lives in the local condo near campus. Was found with her ID from California” “Wow 10 years younger and nearly 100 pounds lighter!” Martin gasped “How much?” “100k” said the mobster. “Ehhh .. ok fine!” Martin took out the cash and his hand written suicide note he had no intention of using. The mobsters than handcuffed him to the chair. They grabbed Becca from the ground as tears came down her face, as they placed a helmet on each of the swappies. Martian suddenly felt himself in a much lighter body and was cut loose of the restraints of his new petite body. He watched his old body scream as the mobsters stuck a gun in Becca’s new body. Then BAM! She was gone, blood dripping from the walls of his old apartment. The mobsters grabbed the helmets, handcuffs, and two whimpering women. Then left the suicide note on Martins table “If anyone asks…” they spoke to Martin. “I was at a friends house” smiled Martin in his new girlish voice. They then left him Becca’s old cloths, shoes and purse. Martin got dressed and turned to look at his old apartment one last time then skipped out the door, excited tobe going to a new home, and life.


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