The serum

Sam gripped the shower walls as the transformation finished. They were coming at a faster pace now, and lasting longer each time. If he didn’t find a cure soon, there may come a time he doesn’t change back.
As the final pains in his groin subsided, Sam grabbed a towel and stumbled out of the shower, back into his office. By this point he had learned to keep a set of women’s clothing close by, for situations like this. He slipped off his wet shirt and dried himself off. Goosebumps forming on his sensitive skin. The first time he transformed, Sam was beyond frightened, but now he was used to it. Other than his body, nothing else seemed to change, and that is what frustrated him the most. Even after a month of research, he was still no closer to finding out why the serum was doing this.
After he buttoned up his blouse and put his damp hair back in a ponytail, Sam sat back down at his desk, desperate to find out what the problem was, before it was too late.


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