The Great Teacher Shifted

The Great Shift hit and Jed was a man no longer. He was getting aroused by his teacher Ms. Jackie Cox, when suddenly he was staring up at himself, one hand on a boob that was his, the other on his former cock! He couldn’t feel his cock from the inside like before, but he could feel the boobs that way now, as they were his own! Before he could even react to all of this, whoever was in his former body came on his face and tits, and mouth, giving Jed his first taste of cum, from his own dick no less!

He was disgusted, and after wiping some off with his dainty new hands, he asked if that was Jackie in his body. His body nodded to a yes, and she said she liked being a big strong man in Jed’s body’s voice. Jed didn’t know what to think, but knew his slutty teacher’s body had needs, and right now he was getting wet just looking at his former body!


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