Blown Away

“Come on babe hurry up I’m dying to test out my new equipment, take you to my new home and fuck you silly with a real cock instead of a plastic toy, as your husband instead of your bff.”

Mike had very familiar voice speak from behind him while he had his friend’s cock stuffed in his mouth and his wife’s hands placed under his chin and on the back of his head making sure he had no escape. Spending a weekend swapped with his friend’s wife so his wife could have a husband to do the things he didn’t want to do for a weekend made sense. Even stripping naked with Tim to prove the point that all they cared about was watching football, even taking up the challenge to kiss the head, and to lick underneath just once, that nothing was going to happen between them made a little sense. This however made no sense.

“I know sexy, but we need to finish the spell, seal your fate as my husband, the only way that happens is if Mike swallows Tim’s salty swimmers, and I’m going to make sure of it.” Mike heard his wife’s voice as panic set in.

Mike couldn’t believe what he just heard, he tried fighting against his wife but she had a headlock around his head, pushing his head down on the cock and the easing up, then down an easing up, down and up over and over.

“I know we said this was only for the weekend, well we lied! Jen and I are in love and we want to be husband and wife not bffs. Rather then just being able to spend one weekend having a husband to spend time with doing the things I enjoy all weekend long, I have an entire lifetime until death do us part. It’s really for the best sweetie even Tim agrees, you two love watching football every weekend now you don’t have to worry about your wives getting in the way. ”

Mike couldn’t believe that Tim was a part of this, his so called friend. Looking up for a second and seeing his grinning face, while his wife explained everything forcing his mouth up and down on his friend’s cock, was so humiliating. Three people that he thought he thought he knew best were taking his life and manhood away.

“You also care about Tim, think he’s a good guy, and he has a hot wife whose lucky to be married to a great guy like Tim or are you going to tell Tim that one or all of those isn’t true. Let’s face it the worst part is this! You know its what us girls have to do to every once in awhile to keep our husbands happy, and it’s what needs to be done because once those salty swimmers go down swimming into your stomach then into your bloodstream you’ll be trapped as Jen forever. We just want you as her replacement, to keep this swap a secret, for you to get the worst of it over and to get past everything and accept who you are now, Jennifer Jacobs. Then our two friends live happily ever after as husband and wife rather then get a divorce.”

“I’m almost there” Tim interrupted as Mike looked up again seeing the same big grin on Tim’s face he knew what his fate would be, Tim was a great guy, he did have a hot wife and this is the worst thing he can imagine doing with him. If his wife wasn’t forcing his head on his friend’s cock he knew he would have ran a thousand miles away from all three of them. However the big piece of meat stuffed in his mouth that he was helplessly sliding up and down on it told him his reality. His decision was all ready made there was no escape for better or worse, in minutes he’d get his first taste of cum and be stuck as Jennifer Jacobs, giving anything to keep the swap a secret, accepting his fate and becoming the wife of his friend and his wife’s new bff, his face flushed red with a lack of oxygen and embarrassment.


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