The Game

He looked on in dismay from inside his girlfriends body as she scored yet another touchdown in his. Last night they had had an argument about how well he’d been playing lately. She told him that he was not playing to his potential and had been looking horrible the last few weeks. Having hit a nerve he snapped and told her that he would like to see her try it and that she should just sit up in the stands and look hot like a good girlfriend. He immediately regretted saying that but before he could apologize she snapped her fingers and suddenly he was looking at himself.

“So here’s the deal,” his body said. “I am going to play as you in the game tomorrow and you are going to get dressed up in the hottest outfit i can find for you and sit in the stands like good girl. If I do not score more touchdowns than you have all season I will switch us back after the game and be the obedient skank you apparently want. However, if on the other hand I do score more than you we will not be switching back and you will do whatever you are told until I decide if and when you can have your dick back.”

He suddenly snapped back to reality when it was announced that his body had just broke the school record for touchdowns in a game and he cringed. He knew exactly how he liked to celebrate after a big win and he was he’d be expected to “reward” the star player…


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