The Curse Happened at the Right Time for Poetic Ju

One of the sisters of the girls that Tim and his friends would have group sex with was angry. They would get them drunk until they approved, then all would have their way.

“You will pay for this, using my sister and others this way, mark my words,” said Gillian, Tina’s sister, who knew some spells.

She put a curse on Tim, for the next time he would try his sex tactics on an innocent intoxicated girl, he would pay dearly! Sure enough about a week later, they had a sexy young brunette all drunk and in their room, ready to do their thing. Tim started to unzip, when he felt like he was being ripped from the body he was in. His spirit was taken from his body, and put into the body of the brunette named Jenny. Jenny on the other hand, was transferred from her body to a special place near the top of the room where she could see everything as a spirit. Jenny was a bit shocked she thought she had died, but seen her body was looking very much alive and puzzled down below.

Tim was now in the body of Jenny, and he felt strange and drunk realizing as he looked down what had happened.

“Nooo, uhh nooo mmmm how can this be? My voice, my body, I sound like Jenny, I am Jenny, how is this possible? Somebody help me,” said the new Jenny shocked and terrified at suddenly being female and the center of the group sex session!

Tim’s old body walked itself to a nearby room and collapsed so the other guys wouldn’t notice it. They were more concerned with this crazy sounding brunette, freaking out at being herself for some weird reason. A couple guys unzipped and got ready for action.

Glen, said, “Don’t worry sweetheart, you are Jenny, we’ll help you feel better.”

The new Jenny was freaking out, but for some reason couldn’t fight back, and let the guys have their way, as one filled her butt, another her pussy, one in her mouth, and two more, one in each hand being stroked. Meanwhile three other guys waited stroking, and two others stroked and came on her while she was occupied with the first five stud muffins. Once all the dudes were finished, Jenny was left a cum covered slut, sore all over.

Gillian walked in, “This is justice, now you know what it feels like to be used and abused as a girl. I’m sorry to tell you this, but this will be your new life from now on. You can do whatever you want, but you are stuck as Jenny. You will learn a lifelong lesson and be better person for it, I believe. You are better this way for the world, so you will stay this way, as a woman! Now put your dress and pantyhose back on and face the world young JENNY!”

Meanwhile the spirit Jenny, the one who was floating above viewing all, asked Gillian what would happen to her, this wasn’t her fault at all, and now she had no body to live in. Gillian told her to not worry, there was a girl that died recently nearby, and she could be brought back with her spirit inside, as the girl died quickly and wasn’t in bad shape. As for Tim’s body, the spirit Jenny could have had that too, but she didn’t want to be a guy, and Gillian understood that. Gillian casted as spell, and Tim’s body floated to a volcano and went in! The world was now a better place with Tim as a female and Jenny in a new life.


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