“Almost as Big” Part 2

My son, or rather, daughter, was finally out of the house for the day, so I ran upstairs to her bedroom, my tits bouncing frantically in my revealing top. Ever since I had walked in on my child’s new form, I had felt a building jealousy of her tits, so I exposed mine every chance I got. I had thrown out anything that didn’t have a neckline as deep as my boobs, and I now owned maybe two bras? I don’t know, it had been two weeks since I had last worn one. I gave them up the moment my daughter said she couldn’t fit into even my biggest one.
I was in her room now, going through her drawers and closet, looking for where she kept her bras. “Aha!” I found one! There was no way she was telling the truth about being bigger than me, and I had finally built up the courage to prove it. I took off my top, and picked up the bra. I did the clasp, and pulled the straps up over my shoulders.
“I don’t feel much support here, guess I was right after all! Her bras just can’t handle me.
I walked over to the bathroom to get a good look at myself in the mirror. My tits wobbling uncontrollably in the bra. I didn’t want to look down just yet, but I knew they must be spilling out the top.
Finally I got to the bathroom, flipped on the light, and looked in the mirror.
My smile faded quickly. She had been right. There was a very clear amount of space left in the cups. The giant cups, that worked very hard to contain equally giant tits. My boobs looked tiny in the bra. No wonder my daughter couldn’t fit into one of my bras. I couldn’t even imagine how much she had been spilling over the top…


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