The Barter System

Tommy and Dylan were two struggling college students who ordinarily couldn’t afford a high class establishment like Madam Olga’s House of Pleasure, but Madame Olga had made them a deal. They could each have one night with one of Madam Olga’s girls in exchange for one night of being one of Madam Olga’s girls.

“Come on Tommy, this will be easy. We look great in these get ups but with all the beautiful girls, Madam Olga has, we’ll just be two among many. Our chances of being picked will be pretty slim”.

“Yeah, and it’s Monday. Monday nights are pretty dead here. We should be able to avoid the few men that show up”.

Tommy and Dylan were in for two surprises tonight. Surprise number one was that because Mondays were slow, Madam Olga had given the other girls the night off. Surprise number two was the entire football team was soon to show up to celebrate their win over State. By the time this night is over, Tommy and Dylan will be two of Madam Olga’s most experienced whores.


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