Jake´s smartphone chimed that a new message had arrived on messenger. He put down the book he was reading in bed and took up the phone to check on the message.

From Harry. It was an almos naked girl on a picture. He studied the picture several minutes to take in all the details before he replied:
— Wow! It works! —

From harryharhar:
— yeah. didnt think it would. was shocked when i actually changed

From amazinjake_16:
— Can I come over? I wanna try it. —

From harryharhar:
— yeah. about that. i want you to try me first —

From amazinjake_16:
— What?!!!!!! Like in touching u? Isnt that gay? —

From harryharhar:
— dunno. i look like a girl and i feel like a girl. tried watching porn earlier but my eyes wandered over to the guy all the time —

From amazinjake_16:
— Um. Think I pass testing it then. I´ll see u in 5min. —

From harryharhar:
— use the window to get in —

From amazinjake_16:
— Will do. —

Harry ended the conversation on her phone and sat down on the chair again. Somehow she was looking forward of having her friend with her.
The necklace had worked beyond her expectations. It had given her a nice teenage girl body and short there after her mind was syncing up with her appearance, taking on several female traits.
She had experimented on her own body quite a bit so far but now she wanted to take it a step further. Jake had been her accomplice when buying the necklace and both of them knew what would happen when it was put on, well, except for the mental part. They had reasoned that it was the perfect way to see a naked girl in the flesh and made a deal putting it on for each other.
Hanna felt kinda nervous of soon having a boy with her. She was curious of how it will feel when somebody else is touching her. What manner is the best to seduce him?
She decides that the right kind of clothing is important, something that can show off the goods without revealing them. Her sister´s closet should yield an ample amount of choices to pick from.
Black underwear, stockings and a tight skirt coupled with a top showing off her clevage should do the trick.
Butterflies fluttered around in her stomach. She was so excited of the prospect of pressing her body up against Jake´s


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