TG Water strikes

It was a normal day for Chad, go to work, had dinner with the wife, and then enjoy a nice hot shower. Yet something was wrong. His hair grew into his eye sight, and he lost some height. He wanted to check what was happening, but the water felt so good. That’s when his spine crack making him cave backwards, as well as his shoulders pulled in. Then He felt his hips grow wide, and the fat in his body go all into his butt, giving it a nice heart shape, but it had male genitals, but the water reached that, and in only a bit of time, waves of esctasy came from his groin but focused on his chest. That’s when his chest grew two melon breasts that grew exponentially. That’s when his wife barged upstairs with news of the tg water epidemic, but poor Chad, or Cate as they christened her later in bed.


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