Terribly Wrong

Brenda Bangum, and Patrick Peckerville realized something was wrong when the fertility idol didn’t just increase their sex drives, but swapped their bodies! The look on Patrick’s face as Brenda now says it all as he found himself looking at himself, wishing he wore a condom as loads of his own hot sperm entered his new equipment, splashing along his vaginal canal!

Nine months later, and not being able to swap back by any means as that idol was rare, and didn’t work any longer, Patrick now Brenda for good gave birth to quadruplets, and Brenda in Patrick’s body was nowhere to be seen, scared at the thought of being a man and a father of that many kids. Meanwhile Brenda as Patrick was doing an older hooker who had a fertility idol much like the on they had, but she didn’t know the hooker had it hidden in the sheets. Brenda swapped into the old hooker and she got Patrick’s young strong body.

Brenda was now much older and a hooker, and as she looked at her wrinkly arms, her pimp Ted Twat threatened to beat her denchers out if she didn’t get ten more clients! Apparently most liked her to use her gums without her false teeth as well!


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