Taking Advantage of a Situation

“Ohhh… my head, what the hell did I have to drink last night?” I mutter to myself, trying to get up but my center of gravity is all off and I fall flat on my face.

“Oh good, she’s awake,” a male voice says.

“What are you talking about, I’m a guy!” I protest, suddenly realize how high pitched my voice was. I turned over and looked down to see that I’m laying in a white bed, but that’s not all that’s wrong, I’m naked, and a woman! “What did you do to me?”

“You’re just another victim of the bimbo virus, girlie,” the male voice says. “You got into bed with one of my girls, and now you’re my product.”

Oh God, I had heard about this. Pimps had started taking advantage of the bimbo virus to bring in more girls.

“You can infect me, but you can’t make me have sex with men!” I protest.

“Oh but I can,” the pimp laughs. “I think Scott can show you what I mean, Tanya.”

Before I know it I’m forced on my stomach, and a naked man is standing behind me with a condom on his cock. I try to protest, but instead all that comes out is a quiet request to fuck me.

The man obliges, and thrusts hard into me. I moan loudly, and with each thrust my brain becomes fuzzy as I begin screaming for more. When the orgasms finally rack my body, all I can think of is having more sex.

“Very good Tanya,” the pimp says.

“Cock… must have more cock…” I say, and it wouldn’t be too long before I was out on the streets looking for more men to fill my pussy.


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