Becoming Closer

Billy’s best friend Shannon had suggested a little game for the two of them this weekend. He had known about her magic powers for a long time and she talked to him after school friday about an interesting spell. She suggested that since they were best friends an interesting way for the two of them to get closer would be to switch bodies for the whole weekend to see what it was like in each others shoes. Billy accepted her offer to Shannon’s excitement. She cast the spell and Billy instantly saw his own face staring back at him. “It worked!”” Shannon cried out from within his body. “”Have fun this weekend!”” Shannon said as Billy’s body climbed into his car and drove away. Later that night Billy was enjoying his time in her body, He was listening to the music on her I-Pod that he secretly loved but was always to afraid to listen to as a guy. “”This was gonna be an awesome weekend,”” Billy thought as he looked down at his best friends gorgeous body.”


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