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Stuck in her skin Part 5

Oh my god. It just keeps getting bigger. I sighed as I snapped another picture with my phone sending it to Ryan. I am now four month along in my pregnancy and had finally gotten Ryan to answer my text messages weren’t on speaking terms but at least we were communicating back and forth. I don’t think that it was because we were mad still but more because how we both behaved. So when he finally came over to the house two nights and you could guess how awkward it was, for twenty minutes we sat in my room not saying he just kept staring at my belly not saying a word then all of a sudden He broke the silence apologizing for how he acted. Saying that it wasn’t right for him to decide that he should keep my body with out asking me. Read more

Stuck in her skin Part 3

Yesterday it had been two weeks since my first doctors visit and I’m now two and a half month pregnant. I’ve settled into the role of Chelsy fairly well . I’ve been doing great in school improving several grades. Aside from the baby weight I’ve lost five pounds. I’m getting along great with Ryan and aside from the morning sickness everything is going great. I am having a little trouble with getting up in the morning with the added weight but I’m working it out and I do have to pee a lot more. I will say that my libido is through the roof, but I still cant bring my self to touch this body it just feels disrespectful. Read more

Stuck in her skin Part 2

The next morning when I woke up I felt great, believing that yesterdays events were just a dream. Hearing my phone ring I was immediately brought back to reality by the sound of my own voice asking if I slept well. Sitting up I felt the new weight on my chest shift and knew what happened last night was all to real. Chelsy or rather Ryan now, told me not to be late for the bus and hung up. Taking a moment to calm my self down I got up and started getting ready for school. Luckily for me Chelsy was never much for dressing flashy so I Grabbed a pair of black jeans and a purple tank to quickly getting dressed and running to the bath room to brush my hair. Before I left for school I lifted my top and pushed out my belly as far as I could and snapped a picture to look at later once I was at school. Running out the door I told mom I loved her and would see her later. I have to admit I was nervous but no one on the bus seemed to pay me a second though. Once at school had little trouble blending in in my new form and by the time lunch rolled around I had gotten used to answering to Chelsy as weird as it was. Read more

Stuck in her skin Part 1

Looking down at my round belly and placing my hand on it, I couldn’t help but think back to how this all started. Only one month ago I was an eighteen year old man named Ryan now I’m Chelsy a seventeen year old expecting mother. It all started when Chelsy my childhood friend came over for dinner one night. I noticed she seemed distracted lately, plus it looked like she had gained some weight seeing the small bulge on her stomach. After dinner she asked if we could talk in my room. No sooner had she closed the door than she turned and tackled me to the ground, pressing a strange medallion to my chest, Before I could say anything I blacked out. When I came to an hour later I knew something was wrong. I felt a weight on my chest that wasn’t their before, my underwear was riding up my ass and their was a strange empty feeling between my legs. Suddenly I heard a voice from behind me ask if I had a nice nap. turning around I was shocked to see my self sitting on my bed smiling at me. Freaked out I ran into the bathroom locking the door and falling to the floor letting out a sigh of relief. Read more