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Newlywed VR

Tad tried Newlywed VR, but when he entered was shocked to see he had a set of female legs with white thigh highs on and large breasts tucked away in a white satin bra. He was in a bedroom and the lighting was realistic, he could see the light reflecting on the wall from the window. He was about to exit, but a strange glitch in the program would not allow it. He was starting to panic when a man entered the room. Read more

Porn VR

The porn VR was everything Jed had expected, but he wanted more, he wanted to experience these things in real life not just the VR. When the VR program offered options for leaving the program one was, “Quit to Real Life Experience – 101F”. Jed picked that one quickly wondering what it meant. When he did he seen a flash, and his body felt smaller and softer, and he felt long hair, and weights on his chest, along with an empty wetness below. Read more

VR Woman in a Red Dress

Hank had a thing for blondes in tight red dresses, so when he went into a VR porn program, that is what he selected. He seen the blonde, and was grasping himself, ready to whack off to her. Suddenly there was a flash in the program, and his body felt different quickly. The penis he was grabbing, was going, as he now felt long fingernails brushing a small sensitive nub, and some thick lips. Read more

Lortia Latex

Something in the VR program went wrong, when the power grid in the city went out, and Ted was “jacked in”. Now he was out of the program, and feeling, well, “different”! As he tugged on the latex suit, revealing his new real breasts, he realized maybe this program need some bugs worked out of it before it was made “live”! As he looked in the mirror, he realized he had become Lortia Latex, a VR latex prostitute in the virtual town, one he was about to “do it” with! Now he will “do it” with her in everything he does, AS her, since there is not way to change him back in the real world. No one even knew how this happened. Read more