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Sooner or later

Luke was looking at his friend for a long moment before he could say anything. Andy really did it, he turned himself to a girl. When Andy told him he’s going to the venus clinic for a full treatment Luke thought it was one of his jokes. Right now Luke found out Andy was saying the truth. Read more

Giving him a lesson

Seeing Michael now I must admit he changed a lot. He is my coworker and he’s been rude to me since he found out in my files that I was at the venus clinic to turn myself into the woman I am now. He became a real pain in the ass and I didn’t have a single day at work withouth him throwing insults at me. Read more

Breathing in the Newfound View

The chilly dawn air streamed into the back of the VW van, and I reflectively burrowed my bare chest in the comforter. I didn’t mind though. In front of me lay perhaps one of the most entrancing views of creation, Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite Valley. ‘To think I could be in some war zone not knowing if today would be my last,’ I reflected, ‘Yet here I am road tripping across the country; discovering me, discovering the love of my life.’ Read more

Celebratory Flashing

My friend Reggie walked out of the Venus Clinic towards me, eager to show off his new feminine body.

Dollar Bills in Vegas

Giddy in the knowledge of my prospective job, I dreamt of all the smooth bodies, gyrating hips, and freed breasts I would peek at for free. Not that that was my main motivating factor for my career change, I needed money. The global recession hit, and my liberal arts college degree couldn’t cut me more than a retail job. ‘Why not strip?’ I comically contemplated. Only one problem, guys don’t make much stripping. So in a moment of brilliance and to my parent’s and sibling’s consternation, I went to the Venus Clinic and punctually moved to Las Vegas. Read more