Reversal Rings: Stealing a new life

I went through the plan once again in my mind.
“Empty your pockets from anything that might identify you” – Check.
“Place the ring where she can see it when she walks to the car” – Check.
“Stay in wait on the other side of the fence to give myself a headstart” – Check
“Stand ready with the other ring”. I padded my pocket. Check.

Four simple steps but anything could mess them up. My biggest concern is if someone else would find the ring.
But that didn´t seem to be a problem at the moment as I saw Cassandra walk out from the store towards her SUV.
The very first time I had seen her I knew I wanted her to the greatest extent possible. I simply yearned to own her body as my own.
She was a regular at the store and I had spied on her countless of times and now the time had come for me to put my plan in motion. The ring she was supposed to pick up was attached to her car in a small package and I held my own in my sweaty palm.
From the distance I could make out that she had found the package and brought it inside the car.
With shaking hands I put on my own ring.
Nothing! We didn´t switch! Why?! Wait. I must wait.
Then it washed over me, the short feeling of disorientation.
I was sitting down now inside a car, as opposed of standing behind a rusty fence. My hands felt so small and delicate when I looked at them. Then I realized that I needed to get away from the parking lot.
I put it in gear, had some trouble with the gas pedal and the heels but I managed to speed away to a safe location. I saw in the rear mirror in the distance that my original body was chasing after the car.

My heart pounded hard from the excitement.
I had chosen the location with the outmost care as I didn´t want to be disturbed when I checked out the goods when I ripped open her jacket. Well, it´s my jacket now.
When it was off I became amazed by the pair of boobs that I now owned. They were perfect!
Johnny old boy, say goodbye to your old life.
With the help of a forger I had already setup a new set of ID-cards and had a stash of money put away already. Next part was to retract as much money as I could, ditch her old cellphone and then sell her car. All had already been prepared for.

When that was done I would go to the westcoast and start a whole new life.


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