Here to stay

“Sam, we need to talk.” Her father said as he sat her down, “I finally did it. I finally fixed the machine.”
Sam was confused for a moment but it finally dawned on her, “You really did it?” She asked.
Her father nodded, “We can finally do it, you can go back to being a man.”
Sam sat in silence for a few minutes, before her father let her be.

Her mind was racing a thousand miles a minute. Go back to being a man? She should be happy right, not upset. It had been eight years since the faulty machine rewrote her genetics, transforming her into a woman. She had grown a lot since them, blossomed into a beautiful woman. Sam was homecoming queen in high school, she was a cheer captain, and was planning on attending an all girl college for the arts, to follow her dream.
But now, it felt like her reality was shattered. Sam knew that her father expected her to want to be a man again, but that wasn’t who she was. She had become Samantha in both body and mind.

As she stood at mirror, admiring the woman that stood before her. Her long slender legs, her feminine curves and perfect breasts made the answer very clear. Sam’s father was just going to have to deal with the fact that while his son may be gone, his daughter was here to stay.


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