“Are you crazy?” Christine said, “I wish I had legs like you.”
Jamie blushed, “Thanks, I keep catching Michael looking at them.”
“So what’s up with that,” Christine asked, “are you considering anything? Has he asked you out?”
Jamie brushed his hair behind his ears, “Well, kind of.” He said, “We are getting coffee tomorrow.”
Jamie still couldn’t believe how much things had changed between him and his girlfriend after he contracted Estrogen Poisoning. They realized fast that neither of them were attracted to woman, and it wasn’t before long that their relationship became that of two best friends, rather than lovers.
“Oh my god,” Christine exclaimed, “I get it now, the wax, the hair, spa treatment; you really like him don’t you?”
It was hard for Jamie to even admit it but she was right. Michael was the first man to come around that made Jamie feel special and, well, feminine. And as scared as he was, Jamie was also excited. Michael made him want to look good and look sexy. He treated Jamie the way a woman should be treated.
“I think I do.” Jamie said with a smile.
Christine squealed in excitement, “That’s so great. I’m so happy for you.”
The two women hugged and as their breasts pressed together, Jamie couldn’t help but laugh at the irony. He was his former girlfriends, girlfriend.


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