New Job

Man unemployment sucks. I had continually looked for a job and had little luck. I was at my wits end and could no longer afford my bills. I wasn’t going to have lights, food, or water let alone support my public habit of smoking and my private habit of crossdressing. I had thoughts of just ending it all when my buddy Cody invited me out for drinks. I sat quietly listening to Cody drown on and on about his girlfriend. He griped about all the things she did to drive him crazy. He then told me that trough it all that he would probably propose to her. At the end of the night Cody paid for our drinks and I started to walk home alone. A lot of twisted thoughts ran through my head as I walked down an alley. I walked past an old man in a bathrobe chanting nonsense. The more I thought about it Cody had it made. He had a good job, a nice house, and he had Molly. Molly had an even better job than Cody did. I wished I had what Cody had. I heard chanting as my eyesight faded to black. I slowly opened my eyes and felt the familiar straps of a bra on my shoulders. That is odd I thought to myself, I didn’t remember wearing one today. I started to move and felt the sheets against my legs which felt smooth. “What the hell?” I said aloud and I immediately caught myself. That voice isn’t mine, it was Molly’s. “What’s wrong baby?” I heard Cody’s voice beside me. I looked down and realized that not only did I have Molly’s voice, I had Molly’s everything. I looked over and saw Cody’s erect penis. I guessed that Molly was giving him a hand job as they watched a movie. Well I guess I got my wish. I now had what Cody had and I had a better job. Crossdressing was no longer going to be an issue either. I just smiled and continued stroking Cody’s cock.


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