“I’m not impressed “Robert” you look absolutely terrified.” I was chastising “Robert” for his unimpressive sexual display. “I went to all this trouble to find a girl that was eager to fuck you and you disappoint us like this?” I questioned. “I’m sorry, I’m just not used to having this thing. I just keep cumming before I’m ready too.” He chimed back. I crossed my legs and admired my rack and smiled. “Well I obviously have had no trouble adjusting to your body. You were always so full of yourself. You expected to be catered to by everyone didn’t you Lydia? If you keep practicing I might just let you put that dreadful dick inside me. How does the thought of literally fucking yourself sound? You thought every man wanted to fuck you, you used men as your personal playthings. I guess you didn’t expect to run into the one man that was more interested in being Lydia did you?” I stared on as “Robert” continued to grind into that stupid slut. I was eager to have him inside of me to seal the spell and trap my soul inside Lydia’s gorgeous body. I was also being selfish and did not want him to be as inexperienced as a virgin boy. I wanted my first time having sex as a woman to be special and if I had to be a demanding bitch to get it then so be it.


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