Headswap Remote 4

Josh wasted not time. After the initial shock and a quick examination of Jennifer’s mature body he went right for the meat, so to speak. Being a horny teenager, he felt like he died and woke up in heaven. A sexy woman’s body was right at his disposal, were and when ever he wanted. As a bonus he gained the ability to experience multiple orgasms, in a way only a woman should. He was currently about to come for the 5th time since gaining his neigbours body, when someone knocked on his door.

“Are you okay in there, Josh?”, his mother asked through the closed door, being somewhat alarmed from hearing audible moaning noises.

“Don’t worry, I have never felt better.”, Josh answered, while feeling nothing but pure bliss.

In contrast to most of the other victims of the remote, Josh was quite happy with what has happened and he didn’t waste a single thought about finding a way to swap back. But soon he would get to experience the not so fun aspects of having a female body, like periods for example.


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