Just a suggestion: Part 1

I had been friends with Arin since we were kids but when we were in our last year of high school something happened, he discovered that he had the power to make what he says come true and I found this out in the most unfortunate way possible.

We were out having lunch when the football team burst through the doors celebrating their big win last night, they were all in uniform with their cheerleader girlfriends, confetti and balloons were everywhere as they sang the schools anthem. I was at that game and found it amazing so I cheered along with them while Arin, who was never really into football and just kept on eating.

I sat back down to continue eating while the festivities kept on going.
Me: “Did you see Steve last night, he put the whole team on his back and carried them to victory!”
Arin: “Steve?”
Me: “The team leader…”
Arin: “If you like him so much, why don’t you just *become his girlfriend*?”

It was like I was struck by lightning, my whole body was tingling. Looking over at Steve who was kissing his girlfriend when suddenly they stopped, her body glowed brightly and when it was over she was standing there in the normal school uniform. Acting like total strangers, she walked off and joined a group of girls while Steve just stood there looking around.

I started glowing the same as she did, Arin was completely shocked as my 6’5” incredibly overweight body shrunk down to 5’5” and became rather thin, even for a girl of this size. My belly sucked in while my hips widened, my crotch rearranged itself as my ass pushed out, feeling around with my hands felt incredible.

My shoulders retracted and my chest pushed out, they weren’t huge but they were incredibly sensitive. I felt my face rearrange itself and my hair grew out to shoulder length. Finally the glowing stopped and I sat there as a tiny girl in giant clothes, I jumped up and started screaming in my new high pitched voice about what had just happened but no one seemed to notice but Arin.

My clothes began to glow, my shirt shrunk down to form the bra that was the cheerleaders uniform top, my pants shrunk down to become a matching miniskirt. I could see my boxers hanging halfway down my legs until they glowed too and shrunk down to become form fitting, out of reflex I flipped my skirt up and saw some sexy pink lace panties and I immediately put my skirt back down. There was a glow around my neck and wrist as a necklace and pom-pom wristband appeared.

Me: “What the hell, I’m dressed like a cheerleader!”

I felt a draw to look at the football team again, Steve and I locked eyes, my vision started to blur and there was a tingling sensation in my head. A few seconds later the tingling stopped and my vision returned, I looked around and saw that I was standing in front of this nerd, I think his name is Arin. I looked back over at the football team and see my boyfriend Steve which makes my heart skip a beat.

I run up to him, jump into his arms and start making out with him, he grabbed my ass which sent shivers up my spine.

Me: “You did amazingly last night!”
Steve: “It was you and your cheer squad that did it babe!”
Me: “Don’t forget what I promised if you won the big game. I’m wearing something special for you under this skirt.”

We went off for food and were looking forward to the coming night. Arin sat there in complete shock at what had just happened.

It took Arin a few days to figure out it was what he said that changed me and a month to be able to use it reliably at which point he turned me male again (except this time a handsome buff guy) and made Steve and his old girlfriend a couple again.

As it turns out, being made into someones girlfriend will make you absolutely perfect for them, I had been staying with Steve for the last month as an incredibly horny girl who wanted nothing more than to please him which left me loving to do all the household chores including cooking which I was amazing at now.

Arin wanted to apologize, he made the girl of my dreams, who wouldn’t even give me the time of day before, fall head over heels for me and he even made her boobs a bit bigger. Life was going to be interesting from now on.


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