Surprise PMS

“Sasha, why are you complaining so much about your PMS. Just shut up and take a Midol or something, bitch,” said Lee being mean as usual to his girlfriend.

Once they were in the hot tub she muttered something to herself, and suddenly Lee was in Sasha’s body! He freaked out instantly not only realizing he now had boobs and a pussy, but he had cramps and bloating to the extreme.

“What’s the matter Sasha, are you PMSing again. Take a flippin’ Midol bitch, and shut it. What a whiner,” said Sasha from Lee’s body.

What made it worse, Lee now had a nasty yeast infection too that Sasha had!

“I’m leaving you bitch, you are a nasty whiner,” said Sasha in Lee’s body walking out of the pool and leaving Lee there in Sasha’s PMSing body.

“Here miss, let me cover you up, your boyfriend there is a jerk,” said a man nearby who got out of the pool with Lee.

The man tried to put the towel around Lee, and then grabbed both his boobs and squeezed them.

“Get your hands off me you sick perv,” said Lee to the man, after being groped for the first time as a woman.

Lee started to scream after slipping by the pool and falling down. Another man shoved his cock in Lee’s mouth, to shut him up, while his mouth was open! Lee pulled away and spit, disgusted. This was while his girlfriend in his body stood by the men’s locker room, laughing and smiling. Her plan a success, she no longer had to be a woman, and put up with the PMS and the perverts, that would be Lee’s job now, and she hoped he would shut up and take a Midol, while she chuckled.


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