Summer Job

Tommy and Dylan were two struggling college students. After the last class of the semester they were talking with their physics professor. “Well boys, do you have big plans for the summer?”

“Just work. We have to find jobs to help pay for next year. Our scholarships only pay tuition and books. We have to work or we don’t eat.”

“Hum. I have a friend who has a business in Miami. He was telling me he was thinking about hiring a couple of hard working college kids for the summer. I’ll call him if your interested.” A few minutes later. “Well boys, the job is yours, He said to hurry down and you can start immediately. But before you go, step in the back and let me show you my latest project.”

The next day, a car containing two beautiful big tittyed blondes pulled into the parking lot of the biggest strip club in Miami. “Wow Tammy, we’re finally here. This is gonna be a great summer. Lay on the beach all day half naked, then dance for the men all night wearing less than that. And getting paid to do it.”

“I know, Diane. It sure was sweet of the Professor to get us these great jobs. I felt bad for him when his machine thingy didn’t work. He was so excited.”

Yeah, me too. We really need to thank him properly when the summer is over. Besides, he’s kind of cute.”


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