Submit – Part 5

My vagina clenched around his perfect cock as he thrust it in and out of me. Our tongues intertwined and I could still taste my pussy juices on him. He was relentless, fucking me so hard I couldn’t think straight.

My Master. The thought repeated in my head with each thrust. My Master.

I was hit by massive orgasm and I screamed out. Then another one rocked me and I was barely able to stand. However, my Master held me up, fucking me even harder. My breasts bounced with each thrust. I loved the feeling of being taken, being dominated. All my inhibitions were washed away in feminine bliss.

My Masters dick began to spasm inside of me, my pussy tightened like a vice in response. He shot a molten hot load into my quivering pussy as I was overcome with my most intense orgasm yet. I was seeing stars as he slowly pulled out of me. Our juices dribbling out of me, down my creamy thighs and his steel like cock.

I opened my eyes and stared dreamily at my Master. I would do anything for him. I looked down at his cock covered in our juices and licked my lips. “Please Master.” I said in my most seductive tone. “Let me clean your magnificent cock with my unworthy tongue.” God, it felt so good to submit.


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