Submit – Part 2

My senses returned, fuzzy at first, but quickly becoming sharp and focused. “Wha…” I began, everything felt wrong and out of place, including my voice. My hands were above my head and I couldn’t move them. My body felt naked and different. Tight in some areas, large and supple in others.

Suddenly a large hand cupped my crotch roughly, causing a realization my mind wasn’t ready for. My dick was gone! The way the hand was rubbing my crotch left no doubt. My eyes bulged open with a very feminine gasp only to see my own face grinning like a wolf.

“That got your attention.” She laughed in my deep rumbling voice. “You wanted my body more than anything in this world right? So, how does it feel?” She continued to caress my pussy lips roughly.

“Oh god, what have you done? Switch us back this instant!” I tried to sound assertive but in her voice I just sounded like a petulant little girl. Without warning she pinched my surprising sensitive nipple, causing me to yelp girlishly.

“No. I think it’s time you experienced powerlessness. To give into pleasure. To submit.” She bent down and sucked my nipple into her mouth as her finger found what had to be my clitoris. Unfamiliar muscles flexed and squeezed in response. A trickle of pussy juice slowly ran down my leg. All I could do was moan.


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