Starting over

I’ve been married for years, and we have been very happy together; we just started to try to get pregnant, but yesterday, one day before our anniversary, I got fired. I told my wife that we should wait until I get a job before trying again. She said she’s ok with that.

Today is our anniversary, so I went to the mall and bought a few scented candles from a new store, while my wife bought a new baby doll. The store owner told me that the candles I selected are special, that we both should make a wish while having sex, and if we really want it, the wish would come true.

I knew it was a nive little story, but it wouldn’t work. I got home, told her to make a wish when she was about to climax. We lighted the candles, the smell was great, my wife jumped on the bed and started touching herself teasing me, I joined her. I started licking her beautiful breasts, and after a few minutes she was all over me. It was the best sex we have had in years.

We were both cumming, the first thing that popped into my mind was “I don’t have a job, we need money”, so, I wished “I want us to win the lottery”. My wife wished “I wish I was pregnant with a beautiful baby girl”. Suddenly a gust of wind unlit the candles. I saw a lottery ticket appear on the night table, I tried to speak, but I couldn’t.

I heard my wife moan. “well, at least she can say something” I thought. I was still cuming, I looked at my hand, and saw a kids hand. I looked at my chest, and all my hair was gone, I looked like a 10 year old. I started to get dizzy, in a way, I could feel my self getting younger. The room was barely lit by the moonlight. She was smiling, I felt great. I looked again at my hand, looked like a baby’s hand. I should be screaming, but seeing my wife smiling was the best feeling ever. I kept getting younger and younger. My belly button turned into an umbilical cord, I tried to look at my feet, but they were inside her vagina, I was getting sucked in. I looked at my wife…….. mommy’s face, she was smiling. That was the last thing I saw. Now I am inside her belly, I know I am a few days before getting borned, I like kicking my mommys stomach, I know she likes it too. I don’t remember who I was before, but I know I will be a beautiful baby girl that will make my mommy happy.


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