Soon Wouldn’t be Smiling

Gretchen (middle) grabbed Jerry’s (right) and Larry’s (left) cocks in the hotel room. She was pretending to be an escort, but in reality was a witch, getting back at cheating men. She knew both of these guys were married, so they were fair game being with her there. As she stroked, the spell she cast took hold and their cocks vanished, and their bodies changed instantly. They were still laying on her shoulders smiling, not yet realizing what had just happened.

Suddenly they noticed they didn’t feel their cocks being grabbed, but felt Gretchen’s fingers messaging a sensitive slit! They looked down at their bodies and screamed in unison, seeing their new massive tits and below that their pussies being massaged by Gretchen’s touch! They both had boobs bigger than Gretchen’s and they were women like her now!

Gretchen said, “How does it feel boys or should I say gals? Welcome to womanhood you cheaters! This is what happens to men like you who cheat on their wives. You will be women the rest of your lives, and also will be escorts for the same place you hired me from! As a matter a fact you might as well use this room, I’m sure their will be some clients coming as I ordered some for you two! Have a nice life Jessica and Lara!

Gretchen stood by after letting the two men into the room, and used her magic to make the two new women grab their cocks much like she was doing with them when they had cocks!

“How does it feel now that the cock is on the other side,” asked Gretchen laughingly.

She gave them back control once the guys finished on their new faces and left the room after dropping the money.

“You two next time will do this without my forcing you, as this will be the only way you will make a living, and your pimp will beat you otherwise as well. So get used to be that which you sought out so badly you cheated on your wives, escorts!


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