So you won’t do it?

Charlie bit his lip and his right finger as he lay there prostrate, feeling his boobs touching the mattress.

“So, you won’t change me back please, Helena?” he asked while laying there on the bed after their brief honeymoon in Japan. “I just glanced at her, sweetie, and I never slept with her. Trust me, I am faithful. Reason is on my side.”

“No, I think I’d prefer being the male in this relationship,” said Helena, sipping whisky. “Enjoy your whore, she’s all yours.” She loved the feeling of power and enjoyed stealing Charlie’s body through the spell taught to her by her mother and putting him in a Japanese whore’s body in the process.

Charlie took a deep breath and replied, “So you won’t do it then?” Helena snorted because she was starting to get drunk from the whisky. Charlie said: “Oh, I see. Okay then, I have no choice but to use this reversal spell to even the odds. Men can do magic too, you know.” And with that, Helena found herself in the Japanese whore’s body staring at an erect cock: Charlie’s original cock.

“Nan desu ka?” she exclaimed in Japanese, realizing that her English knowledge was now as low as it gets. “Atashi, atashi…” she sputtered while Charlie gripped his old dick again and inwardly celebrated its return. His wife was now a Japanese whore who couldn’t speak English and couldn’t do magic anymore. Should he take her in? Should he bed her? What do you think?


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