So Be It

The platinum blonde beauty held my chin up with one finger as she examined my new face. “You intrigue me Dave. You knew I was a witch, yet you approached me anyway. And knowing what I am and what I’m capable of, you accepted my offer anyway. That makes you either very brave or a fool. Which is it Dave?” I looked her in the eye, “I’m no braver than the next man Morgana, but You would give yourself to me to do with as I would for one night in exchange for me giving myself to you to do with what you would forever. Oh Morgana, I’ve watched and loved you from afar and for one night with you I gladly risk all that I am or will ever be. If that makes me a fool, then so be it. She studied me intensely. “Most men are beasts and I change them accordingly, but you were gentle and caring. I see in you a beautiful soul so I have changed your form to match. I prefer women, so a beautiful woman you will remain.” I just nodded and said, “As man , woman or beast, I shall love you always.” She smiled and kissed me, “Then stay with me and we will see what comes of this together.”


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