She doesn’t understand

Thanks to the wishing coin that Carl, the quarterback of the school,accidentally used wishing Rose , cheerleader and his girlfriend, to be smarter; now, Stan the fattest and the smartest boy in school, is in her body. Now all three are in the gym because Rose said her body need to be fit.
<what a nice body, finally everyone notice me, no one care if you’re smart but if you’re beautiful it’s different, and I am gorgeous. even Carl can’t keep his eyes off me>. thinks Stan
Stan “I want keep this body forever”
Carl “what did you say?”
Stan”you heard me sweetie, don’t lie , you loved when we talked this morning about things that Rose will never understand isn’t it?”
Carl”yes… you’re right I love her body and now i love your mind Ros.. i mean Sta…”
Stan” from now on call me Rose, the wish made me your girlfriend and i want to be your girlfriend chat with you, kiss you and have sex with you, maybe it’s coins fault but this is what i want.Don’t you want it?”
Carl “yes this is exactly what i wanted, I’m so lucky to have a girlfriend like you Rose, But what about Ros.. i mean Stan?”
Stan”Don’t worry she’s too stupid to understand she lost all this and doing anything, wait she’s coming here with her fat body shhh-giggle-“
Rose ” how’ are you doing?” I’m too tired to do anything in this fatty body and no one help me when i don’t understand how a machine work.”
Stan ” don’t worry everything will be fine, I’m fine, And now if you excuse me i think I will go home with my boyfriend and pass a very special night-giggle- goodbye Stan”
Rose “wha.. What did you say?”
Stan” What I said? “


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