SGS Part 2

So as it turns out, right as I was wishing for someone with a fat cock to pass by my wish came true. Some nice man who happened to be out for a run stopped and offered me his services. His 9 inch cock was a tight fit for my newly formed pussy, but he spent the afternoon breaking me in. I was so worn out from having my pussy pounded and stretched to the max he even carried me home. What a gentleman!

After I recovered I realized what had just transpired. I thought I would be more shocked, but for some reason I was just so happy. In fact the only thing that was bothering me was that I had no way to contact that nice man. Thinking about his cock made me really horny again. Thankfully after a few hours of masturbation I was able to calm down. Once I did I decided to schedule a doctors appointment. It’s not that I was looking for a cure for my condition or anything, but I figured changing genders was a good enough reason for a checkup.

My doctor was very helpful. He told me that normally SGS victims revert back after a few hours. The condition is lifelong, causing the inflicted to randomly transform into a girl from time to time. However…if you happen to be exposed to semen during your transformation the change is permanent. When I told my doctor I had sex during my transformation he told me not to worry, its perfectly natural. Apparently 90% of SGS sufferers have sex within their first 3 transformations.

The next doctors visit after that was with a maternity clinic. Its been about 8 months since then, and I can’t wait to become a mom!


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