Russian Wife

A hard day of work behind, Jon finally arrived at home 3 hours late. His wife had planned to go shopping with him in some strange corner in town they hadn’t visited yet. When they talked to each other on the phone, she agreed to go without him while he could finish the rest of his work without pressure.
Now as he entered the living room, he was surprised to find his wonderful wife stark naked on the floor with a needy expression on her beautiful face. She seemed to have bought a new necklace, because he had never seen it before and probably it costed a little fortune, so she wanted to make it up to him.
“Ohhh Jonny boy, do you like what you see?”, she asked softly and caressed her boobs in both hands. He was very aroused at the luscious sight in front of him, so he didn’t notice the slight russian accent she had acquired. He didn’t mind about her animal lust she didn’t have before, neither did he care about her new knowledge of sex positions that drove him crazy.
Little did he know that he wasn’t fucking his wife anymore. Since she put on that necklace she bought at some strange store earlier that evening, her mind was replaced by that of old Svetlana, who wanted to escape out of her body and russia. So she put her soul inside that necklace while she was on vacation in England, and waited to be put on.
Now she enjoyed orgasm after orgasm in her new body and decided to never give it up. Maybe she would even start to use her new luscious body to go stripping again like she used to do in her young days…


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