Ridiculous story

James had no idea what had happened to him.

One minute he was asleep in the back of his car after another night of arguing with his wife.

Then all of a sudden his car was covered in a green pulsating glowing light and he felt like he was floating.

When he came too he was lying on the ground he felt strange and weird all over he lifted one hand to his face and notice the slender fingers of a woman.

He slowly let his gaze wander down the body he now had noticing how feminine he was now.

He struggled to his feet in the skimpy outfit he was wearing & high heels and ambled towards the bright lights he could see in the distance.

It wasn’t until he came across the small town of Bakersfield that he noticed he was now over 20 feet tall as he watched people’s scurry out of his way like ants.

He had no idea how he had become a woman or so tall as he delicately made his way through the town with no idea where to or what to do as he heard sirens coming up behind him and fought the urge to panic and just run.

Hoping somebody could help him as he waited for the cops to catch up with him.


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