Revenge on a Muscular Bully

Henrietta put a spell on Trey, the next time he bullied her for not dating him, he would pay. He bullied her again, and he paid. As he was actually about to punch her, he blacked out!

When he came to, he was a large woman! He had no muscle tone at all! He freaked in the mirror as he touch the back of his head with the new thick brunette hair cascading from his pretty head. He was as she now! He lost his manhood and his fitness, and he could never get Henrietta this way, she was into guys, and he definitely was not a man! What would he do?

Trey found out reality changed, no one remembered Trey. His parents called him Trisha, and said they thought he should lose weight for health reasons! The new Trisha would agree, but she had urges for cake and ice cream. Was this a part of the curse? Would he always be big and a woman?

The girl he picked on showed up a few days later, and told Trisha she would be like this for good, but she could lose the weight. She also told Trisha she would have a hard time bullying like this, and that women would not want her this way either. She would have to be with a man now, and hope he wasn’t abusive like his former self! This was his punishment, but the girl said he would be attracted to men, so it wouldn’t be as hard as she thought.


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