Revenge of the Geeks

Tracy was tired of being made fun of at school. She was not the best looking girl, but she certainly was one of the smartest. She felt like that was an absolute, being that she was from an extremely poor family and needed scholarships in order to even go to college. While she worked hard for everything, Marvin did absolutely nothing. He was a star baseball player, but he did not work at school and his parents made so much money that he did not have to worry about grades. Due to this, Marvin always singled out Tracy and made it a mission to make her feel miserable by cheating off of her exams and homework.
After another week of living hell, Tracy looked around the internet for anything that she could use to have her revenge on Marvin. She came across a website that had a body swap spell. As she read more about it, she found that it would be permanent if the swapped parties had sex. She had no second thought and proceeded to formulate her plan.
The next day, Marvin came over to her house looking for his homework as he usually would. When he came into the house to get it, Tracy said the spell. The next instant, Tracy saw her former body freaking out. “What the fuck just happened? What did you do to me?” Tracy, in Marvin’s strong body, said, “I got tired of you making my life a living hell. So, I decided that you deserved to live the life you helped create. There is a way out though: sex. If we have sex, the spell is revered the instant we climax. So, what do you want to do?”
Marvin did not hesitate and said he would do it, thinking that it wouldn’t be difficult. What he didn’t encounter was the pain of losing a female virginity. As he felt his former manhood enter his new vagina, excruciating pain went through his body. However, he felt more pleasure as they continued. When he felt Tracy climax inside him, he wanted to cum so hard. That’s when Tracy dropped the truth: the spell was permanent. Now, Marvin had to figure out what he needed to do for the rest of her life.


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